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The world of electronics manufacturing is certainly fast paced. Engineering changes and upgrades are a reality that need to be dealt with. Do you have the qualified rework technicians to do the job efficiently and reliably?

Our technicians are adept at a wide range of ECO procedures including surface mount and BGA component rework, adding jumper wires, cutting internal circuits and other intricate operations that require pinpoint accuracy and close tolerances.

Jumper Wires
If your circuit board modification requires jumper wires we do those too. We routinely add Jumper Wires and cut circuits. We have a complete set of detailed illustrations covering jumper wire termination methods. Intricate wire adds are a specialty at Circuit Technology Center.

Circuit Cuts
Engineering changes often require component leg lifts or the isolation of circuit patterns. Completing this task on today's dense and complex circuit board designs is challenging. Our team of technicians are experts at these difficult rework processes. We have several precision milling systems that provide pinpoint accuracy and exact depth control when cutting surface and internal circuits in dense areas. Precision drill systems and milling machines are used for accurate circuit cuts.

For prices on ECO and modification go to: Service Charges.


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