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May 25, 2022
Keys to Component Lead Tinning Success
The motivation behind component lead tinning is to facilitate the removal of gold plating to eliminate the risk of gold embrittlement, tin whisker mitigation, or processing components for applications that require refinishing with lead-free solder for RoHS compliance. The component lead tinning process produces a homogeneous intermetallic layer with the base metal ...
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No-Clean Flux Residue After Selective Soldering
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After selective soldering connectors there is a small amount of no-clean flux residue left behind. Is there any evidence supporting the claim that no-clean flux residue degrades reliability in electronics ...
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Having a Hard Time Sourcing Components?
Consider Salvaging Them!

We've all seen and read the news stories in the last year about how the worldwide pandemic has disrupted supply chains, causing product delays and shortages in many industries. Salvaging or harvesting valuable and hard-to-find components from scrap, obsolete or unneeded printed circuit assemblies is a viable option many companies are contemplating to help bridge the supply gap.
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Options for Gold Contact Rework
When gold edge contacts become worn, damaged, or contaminated by solder, they must be either repaired and replated, or replaced. Both procedures result in a high conformance level repair that is reliable and long-lasting. Re-plating is a reliable, yet complicated, process requiring a considerable ...
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Microchips for Future Computing Security
Microchips with tiny clocks hold the key to future computing security, a system that is resistant to attacks, and also inexpensive, convenient, and scalable. Today, security is often managed by distributing system keys in which one person sends information hidden behind a key, which may be ...
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