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April 27, 2022
BGA Component Site Modification - Is it Possible?
BGA rework is a topic about which volumes have been written, and in most cases, the focus has been on component removal and replacement. However, equally important is the topic of BGA site modification, and the need for such modification often arises. A common type of BGA site modification is the need to add a jumper wire at a BGA site. One option is to run a jumper through a hole in the board. This method is typically used for ...
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Insufficient Plated Hole Fill with Electrolytic Capacitors
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We are having problems achieving the minimum hole of 75% on electrolytic capacitors using our wave soldering. What do you suggest?
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Circuit Technology Center Releases Thirteen New Component Tinning Procedures
A new section, 10.0 Component Tinning Procedures including thirteen new procedures have been added to the popular online guidebook developed and written by Circuit Technology Center.

This free online guidebook now contains 115 step-by-step procedures focused on circuit board assembly, repair, rework, and modification, plus many procedures focused on electronic component tinning and reballing. Most procedures include illustrations, photographs, and videos and follow popular IPC standards ...

Damaged Mounting Hole Repair
For this repair, we're looking at the process of correcting baseboard damage or correcting a design error at an ejector handle location. The ejector handle is often held in place by a roll pin pressed into a non plated hole on the circuit board. When the ejector handle is retracted, the lever-action ejects ...
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Technology Allows Devices to Power Anywhere Within Charging Area
Power transfer technology makes it possible to charge devices without using any wires or plugs. Devices can receive power anywhere within the charging area ...
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With reference to electronic components, what does the acronym SOIC stand for?
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