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December 21, 2021
Critical Considerations for Electronic Component Tin Whisker Mitigation
The phenomenon of tin whiskers in printed circuit board assembly is a failure mechanism associated with electronic devices that use various solder alloys containing low melting point elements such as tin, cadmium, or indium. However, this phenomenon most commonly occurs with tin. Historically, tin whiskers were avoided by adding lead (Pb) to the solder alloy used for component leads or pads and circuit boards with HASL (hot air solder leveled) finish. However, since lead has been identified as a hazardous substance ...
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Solder Joint Blow Holes
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After switching our PCB finish from Pb free HASL to ENIG, blow holes started occurring in the solder joints of the through-hole LEDs. Can the epoxy bump on the bottom of the LED create an air-tight seal on the top of the through-hole pad causing the solder to blow out the bottom during wave soldering when using the ENIG vs HASL finish ...
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Reworking Internal Connection at a Via Hole
This procedure was used to modify a batch of circuit boards that had a signal error at a via hole location. A via hole on this multilayer circuit board was mistakenly connected to layer nine when it should have been connected to layer 15 ...
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The Great Productivity Boom Ahead
The United States is experiencing a surge in worker productivity. Cumulatively, we expect the impact of this wave to far exceed that of the 1990s tech boom. Businesses that combine innovation and customer focus to extract value from the transformed economy will win big for their ...
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